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I grew up in Houston, where my interest in technology began with the internet and video games. Exploration and strategic thinking have been part of my mindset from a young age.

When I'm not programming, I like to spend my time on the side of a cliI earned my bachelor's degree from UT Austin in biochemistry, intending on going to dental school. However, after many hours in several dental offices, I decided against this and opened a snow cone stand for the summer with my brother.

I fell into my passion for programming when I decided to create a website for our stand. I knew I wanted to continue developing, so I enrolled at the Coding Bootcamp at UT Austin. Learning about the power and intricacies of JavaScript has taken a hold of me.

Another love of mine is rock climbing around Austin. If I'm not in a coffee shop building on a project, you may find me and my dog hiking along a creek or on the side of a cliff.

Eager to begin a career in software development.


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A pet adoption application inspired by tinder. Set parameters for your desired pet, then click though and save the ones you like.

Technologies: Node.js, Express.js, jQuery, MySQL, MaterializeCSS

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Tipsy Weather

A weather application that reccommends a drink, along with the recipe based on the current conditions.

Technologies: jQuery, AJAX, MaterializeCSS

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